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apple and custard loaf

For press enquiries, contact:

Fiona Smith
+44 207 531 8489, email fiona.smith@mitchell-beazley.co.uk

For non-bookshop retail enquiries, contact:

Louise Talmey
+44 207 531 8481, email louise.talmey@mitchell-beazley.co.uk

For export enquiries, contact:

Sarah Daniels
+44 207 531 8482, email sarah.daniels@mitchell-beazley.co.uk

or for all other sales, use the contact details on the Mitchell Beazley website by clicking here.

For further information on the book, where you can discuss breadmaking with other bakers around the world, get questions answered and find out more about good baking techniques, log on to the bakers forum at www.danlepard.com/forum

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